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EM Shielding & Absorption

EMI Shielding - The increasing power and higher voltage requirements within industries from automotive and aerospace to consumer electronics necessitates the shielding of sensitive components from electromagnetic interference. In many cases, there is a need for increased performance across broad frequency windows.

AMD’s low cost, environmentally friendly material coating system can be integrated into composites and coatings, or sprayed and printed directly onto components.

Radar Absorption - Reducing the radar cross section (RCS) of structures can offer operational advantages for energy, space and military platforms as well as being a necessity for future wind farm builds to reduce conflict with radar defence systems.

AMD’s radar absorbing materials can be applied as thin film coatings or integrated into composite structures such as those used in air platforms and wind farm turbine blades where AMD is working with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to demonstrate RCS reduction on sample blade sections.

Laser Protection - Low cost, high powered, handheld lasers are an increasing threat to police, security services and aviation.

Developed in collaboration with the US Government, AMD’s photonic crystal system is being applied to existing eyewear to reject and protect personnel from laser dazzle without negatively impacting the required transmission of visible light through to the wearer.

Printed Electronics & Sensing

RFID - With the continuing ramp of growth in the use of RFiD and NFC solutions for supply chains, AMD’s printing non-metallic electronics, is opening up many areas of opportunity where the existence of metal and/or plastic is either non-acceptable or non-economic.

From early work in apparel labels AMD continues to work on both the scalability of the printing process and the development of specific inks for other applications including food packaging and the power cable industry.

Strain Sensors - AMD’s RFiD antennas have qualities beyond metal - they are more flexible, lightweight, sustainable and compostable. Flexibility enables antennas to be used as highly sensitive strain and temperature monitors in and on composites.

AMD’s highly sensitive strain sensors can be used in complex industrial applications. Working with its industrial partners, AMD is optimising these devices for a wide range of industrial, automotive and energy sector applications including batteries, suspension components, wind turbine blades and power infrastructure.

Smart Packaging

Time Temperature Indicators (TTI's) - AMD's Colorimetric TTI’s based on low cost, sustainable materials can be printed onto most substrates, enabling use on food and pharmaceutical packs for deployment within the production process and supply chain.

Security Printing - AMD's simple and sustainable printable colour change authentication and tamper detection for ubiquitous deployment on volume packaging.


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